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Could you reveiw Let Me In (the new one) with Chloe Moretz and Kodi-Smith-Mcafee? Thanks

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Norbit (2007) - Requested by Anon

Norbit is a hilarious rom-com from Eddie Murphy, who happens to play 2 of the leading characters Norbit and Rasputia and a supporting character Mr.Wong. The story follows Norbit throughout his miserable life and marriage with Rasputia, a super sized ghetto hoe with a dangerous family. Throughout their relationship Rasputia has bullied Norbit and is essentially the butch of the relationship. Things get complicated when Norbit’s childhood crush and first love comes back into town. Kate (Thandie Newton) comes back to tow to buy and run the orphanage that Norbit and herself grew up in. Norbit still has feelings for her though she is getting married to Deion (Cuba Gooding Jr.). Will they stay friends or will Norbit be able to change Kate’s mind?

  The film is very funny and had me in stitches for a lot of it. Though some jokes are mediocre and cheesy, most can get a good laugh out of you (many aimed at Rasputia and her weight). Norbit’s two pimp friends help bring a lot of jokes as their rib shack/whore house is where Rasputia orders from regularly. A scene that I’m sure was the highlight of the film for a lot of people, was the water park scene. Where Rasputia gets jealous of Kate and puts on her swimming costumes and heads for the slides.

  All in all, the film is very funny and well produced. Especially with Eddie Murphy playing three characters, I couldn’t even tell! The jokes were enough to support the story and the story was enough to keep people watching. I will give this 8/10 as it’s definatly a memorable film!

SAW (2004) - Requested By AshleaStar and Anon

Back in 2004, a movie called SAW changed the horror genere forever. It was actually pretty refreshing to go back and witness how small the scale and less over the top the original was over the sequels. It’s the year long break in between the sequels that made some people go insane and want more! Ready? Here we go then! 

SAW begins with two gentlemen waking up in what looks to be an over-sized bathroom, except it is about ten times as gritty as it should have been ….. Both are chained by the ankle to some pipes and neither guy knows exactly why they are there in the firsplace after being smacked on the head and left unconcious till they wake up. After some jibba-jabba talk back and forth they discover a tape in their pockets with instructions to “play me.” So then we are introduced to the voice of Jigsaw which has become one of the most terryfying voices in the horror genre over the next decade (well, over a decade now i supoose)

It seems our two characters have been naughty boys and are both there to pay for the life choices they have made. Each guy learns that they are allowed to escape the bathroom, however one of them can only leave. Dr. Lawrence Gordon is told he must kill the other  guy Adam before, time or his wife and child will die, simple as. With this horrible gut-wrenching scene, we found  out why each of them is in there and what they are willing to do to escape. Nuff said really.

There are lots and lots of gore in this film which is enough to make you go to the toilet gawd know’s how many times. It’s even worse than Sweeny Todd (obviously) But yeah lol, it’s nice to go back sometimes to the old films and watch them again. I think …. i would give this movie about an 8/10. Most disgusting horror movie i’ve ever sen (SAW 3 was worse, or 4 can’t remember but anywho) And i enjoyed it. Twas a laugh xDD

By Matt Freeman

The Notebook (2004) - Requested by Anon

  The Notebook is a romantic film with a not so typical story line. The story follows the romantic and loving story of a book that an old man is reading to an old woman in an old folks home. The book follows the summer romance and heart break of Noah and Allie (Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams). Noah gets introduced to Allie through friends, he instantly takes a liking to her love-at-first-sight style and reluctantly asks her out. However she turns him down but he doesn’t give up. He tries to impress her by running and jumping onto her cart on the Ferris wheel which accumulates in him hanging by his arms off the side of the wheel with her agreeing to a date. After their first date the fall deeply in love until her parents force her to move away from him as they don’t approve. Their story has seemingly ended when she finds another man. But will fate find them together again?

The film is very emotional and had me tearing up in places. The scripting, acting and settings were all beautiful, making the film in general just an amazing thing to watch. The switching between the story/reality was done really well and wasn’t made a mess off. The link between the story and reality was absolutley beautiful and was amazingly done, although I did guess what the big reveal would be half way through. But it was still amazing all the same.

  The general production of the film was really well done. Acting from all sides was amazing. And the ending was beautifully sad. I can’t really think of anything to bitch about, so I’m gonna give this a 9/10 as its not the best film in the world but it is a damn good one!

Paul (2010) - Rquested by accio-tardis

In the same way that Shaun Of The Dead chewed the funny bone of the zombie horror genre, and Hot Fuzz took aim at the countryside cop drama, Paul probes sci-fi adventure into space! (Not litreally!) Spielberg’s alien is a cute and cuddly creature who just wanted to phone home, but he bears a little resemblance to Pegg and Frost which is great :D

Present day San Diego, best friends Graeme Willy (Simon Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Nick Frost) wander stupidly around the comic book convention called Comic-Con which they meet a famous sci-fi author called Adam Shadowchild (Jeffrey Tambor), before embarking on a road trip across America and then stopping at locations associated with alien contact including Area 51, the Extraterrestrial Highway and the Black Mailbox! (Big of a mouthful and abit technical i know) :P

This little alien here, Paul, can turn himself invisible as a camouflage defence mechanism type thingy thing and can magically  re-awake the dead which provides the film with one of its funniest sequences ever! But paul himself look’s like a dogey man in a rubber suit, it’s gotta be said. It look’s somewhat a cross between the Ghostbuster’s Marshmallow man and the michilan man!

This is by FAR one of the best movies i’ve ever seen with Pegg and Frost (Shaun comes 2nd as always) I had alot of fun enjoying the hell out of this movie (sounds abit wrong but ahh well lol) And i would definently recommend this to anyone, even if they’re not a fan of Pegg and Frost. 10/10! Nothing bad i can say about this movie! Tis just an epicwin! :D

By Matt Freeman

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i was wondering if u could take a look at shine? i heard it's a old movie with some pianist dude who's crazy and stuff. sounds boring but who knos. i wnted to try it out, but just wanted to know if it's worth watching with som of ur plot and opinions. thx.

Yeah sure :) It’s on the list :)